#TheBlindList - What Happened When I See The Streets Of India For The First Time

Before I start this post I wanted to tell something to you guys that in this post I going to share my experience , thought and many more when I saw the  streets of India for the first time in my life and I got the invitation from world for a blind  date and yes I have many wishes and dreams but that bucket list can be fullfill at another day . This is the picture of a small girl who is busy in selling Indian flags . When I saw this type of work for the first time I just began to think that can this type of work by little girl can show our love for India (Bharat Maa ) . And this is the first surprise in my blind date with the world . This work  not only force me to think the condition of child but also to think the future of India . We all love India but not in this way . After I saw this my heart just began to said that "stop this".
When I saw this girl who is busy in selling toys for the first time I just began to thought that then why our government said that the women ha…

True Story Of Blind Date | 50 Years Back

This story is trace back to 50 years when one young engineer , posted at costal belt, who dare  to date a girl of nearby village . That man have many bucket list but they always prefer blind list because they thought that it makes the excitement double . Journey started from a rural village Chaumuhani to Satapada , around 200km by a Royal Enfiled bullet . And they both  don't have any idea about that place where they are going because at that time their is no Google map or anything else and both of them don't know the truth that world invited them for this date but they both dare to say yes to this type of blind date with out any goosebumps after reaching at Satapada they started another journey by a boat across Chilika Lake to arrived their blind date place that was a tiny island named Rajhans Dipa (Swan Island ) while traveling by boat they found dolphins and feed them . They were also amazed by seeing many more migrating birds around the Chilika Lake . After passing 200km …

Lufthansa And PK - An Alien Friend

I remember that day when I was busy in watching PK and after the movie completed I plan to hear the song again but my favourite is  "Bhagwan ha kahan re tu"  But after hearing that song for sometime I suddenly sleeped and began to think about that if PK came to our city for a blind date then why not I too go to their city for a blind date with world and experience that unique moment . But when I open my eyes I found that I am traveling in an aeroplane and when I try to see the name of that aeroplane I found that the name is Lufthansa airlines and suddenly the aeroplane land by this my heart beat rate increase and I got goosebumps too because I have no idea that what may happen after some minutes and when I see outside of my window I found tall buildings and many unknown creatures but when the entry gate open I go to outside and I got nervous because many Aliens came near me and welcoming me to their secret city after some minutes a Alien come near me and say me welcome to &…

Lufthansa - Old To New

When I wake up I found myself in a village but that village looks like very old and yes I am not wrong because by mistakenly I came to the age of Britishers  because my time machine is not working properly and I know all this thing when I saw a calendar which is hang on the front wall I found the year mention there is 1920 and the name of that place is "Paradeep"   really I am very excited too and nervous too because I have no idea that what may happen after some minutes and suddenly someone call my name loudly "Ashu " come here and when I reach to outside of the home I found a old lady is calling me . When I go near her he order me to go to market and bring some vegetables after hearing this I replied ok and suddenly I saw a man coming towards me after he reach near me he said that  "Sir the bullock cart is ready are you too ready "  I replied yes ( obviously at that time their is no bikes or any  automatically run vehicle ) after that he ordered me to …

#TheBlindList - The Dream Of A Child

There is no one who don't like to travel but their is few people only who like to add spice to their trip . I am a child that's why I don't know much about date but I heard about this many times from my elder that's why I too wanted to experience that . That's why I plan to go on a date with the world but not on a common date I plan to go on a blind date because date is always filled with excitement but blind date is full of excitement and it also help us to know the real value of date and it also increase the level of excitement . I have bucket list too but I always love blind list because it turn the excitement into double I mean it increases the level of excitement and force us to ask questions . When I wake up I found myself in a bed which is made up of sand and I able to smell the magical perfume present in air  but this place is really unknown to me that's why I plan to explore more because I am really very excited so I get up from my bed and just starte…


In this post I going to share some photos of Ganesh statues . This all images are shot with Redmi5 if you want to see more captures then visit my Photo blog


While traveling to a long distance you shouldn't go solo you must have a friendly partner while traveling because this can make your travel plan more safe and your partner can also help you in many types of situations . I really prefer duet traveling because by this you can stop yourself suffering from a boring situations.
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