While traveling to a long distance you shouldn't go solo you must have a friendly partner while traveling because this can make your travel plan more safe and your partner can also help you in many types of situations . I really prefer duet traveling because by this you can stop yourself suffering from a boring situations.
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Guys finally I am back . From today you get post time to time but not regularly but  if you really want to explore more you can visit my another blog . And I really very happy because most of the people support my decision .  My Official Photoblog -

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Guys  please don't get worried by reading the headline of this post because that is not the full truth so the truth is I quit blogging for temporarily  only the main  reason of this decision is guys I am preparing for my board exam only for this reason I can't blog for 3 month . I am too not satisfied with my decision but I am helpless because study is also very important . And guys the second sad news is I can't able to vote and read the blog of my friends regularly  on indiblogger but whenever I get time I try to vote for all  .  When I get back I announce many big updates for this blog and I hope you support me .  I give my best to prepare the best content for you guys  in this short break .  #temporarily  #blogging  #quit  #sad .  "You must prepare youself for the worse after that you able to be a winner " - Aditya Narayan  Mohanty

#EnjoyMore - The Hidden Story In My Selfie

Everyone thought that selfie only capture swagg , style , dressing style  and beauty too but sometime people take selfie for show off . But  in my opinion selfie capture that moment which you love the most . Camera quality never define that a selfie is how much expensive for you. I want to share some moments of my life when selfie change my negative thought into positive thought so here is that , After I  wake up in the early morning I called my mom and order him for gave me my school uniform then my mom reply ok after sometime she brought my uniform and tell me that get ready fast your school van is waiting for you after I get ready I ran towards my school van and after I say bye-bye to my mom the school van started and after I reach to school I found that a notice has been pasted in school notice board and when I read that I came to know that an state level painting exhibition going to be conduct after seeing this notice I plan to participate in this but when I ask my class teacher…


Choreography - Aditya Mohanty
Camera  and concept - Kishan Crocx
Special thanks to KC Photography .

Get the video from youtube here - Tujhe meri yaadein cover by Aditya
*This music video which is cover by me dedicated to Dino James . *Dino James is the famous rapper who sing to motivate the youth . He is the icon of Indian youth . LOSER , MAA , THANKS A LOT  are his best creation .  #TrueLove #PoleStar #Feelings #Sentiments #Pain #Broken hearted ... Please comment below how much you like this and please subscribe KC photography .


Try to avoid those food which served in train . Generally in Indian train  food which served  in Indian train are  always prepared in a unhygienic condition and the oil quality is not too good this  is proved by Government of India so if you feel hungry in train then you can carry your own homemade food by this you can keep yourself fit and able  travel for a long time without getting unfit .
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