Sometimes things never change . Wherever I am, my mom love for me never change . Your girlfriend may forget you in some minutes , but not your mom . Whatever we are doing , we always thought about our girlfriend but not about our mom and this thing never change . Whatever success comes in our life we think about that only , but not about those who are the main reason behind our success and that thing never change . The thing which change is a gold and the thing which never change in a diamond . "NO CHANGES MAY MAKE YOU FEEL BORE BUT THAT'S NOT MEAN IT'S NOT PRECIOUS"


If somebody ask me who is my super hero I will answer that my super hero is Indian Army and Ketan Jorawadia . This because at the age of 23 only he saves more than 10 life's and the greatest thing is he do this because he wanted to save dreams and he didn't do this for profit . When everyone was busy in making a video of Surat fire accident he raised his helping hands for the small children. Surat fire accident not only kill 23 life's but also does 10,000 dreams . Salute to ketan ..." BHAGWAN KHUD NAHI AA SAKTA ISLIYA WOH SAHI WAQT PA KISI NA KISI KO BHEJAGA JARROR MADAT KARNA KA LIYA "


- Ranveer Singh and his partner Navzar Iranee launches a independent record label for Indian artists . Ranveer Singh wanted to support and sign every best independent Indian artist  . "Gully Boy is the main reason behind the launching of the record label called  IncInk ." IncInk is a independent record label which is created for Indian artist where the Indian rapper get chance to sign and also IncInk will support them . One of the artist whose name is Kaam Bhari sign under IncInk and also published a song called  "Zeher"  . IncInk mostly focus in hip hop but Ranveer is planning to introduce more Indian genre . "Rap and hip-hop are the part of poetry but it generally focused to disclose the truth that is what really happening in India and what problems are the common people's are facing right now .Rap has the power to connect people by heart . IncInk wants to bring out the real and true writers of India "Ranveer Singh and his partner not only supportin…


Whenever I look at you I just forgot everything . I just want to be like you . As everyone loves you the same love I too want to experience . Your eyes are just innocent and always give me a reason to smile . Maybe your cuteness is temporary and may be the love of other for you is temporary but believe me the story behind my smile for you is always remain unchanged . I just want to be like you and want to be a reason for everybody smiles . 
By - Aditya Narayan Mohanty

#SmartHomeRevolution - My Life And Gadget

Before 30 years  when someone say that we able to control our home in just one click but by hearing this most of the people use to laugh on him but at the present time situation is fully opposite and different . The evolution of  gadget is not less than a magic . In this post I going to tell a story by which I able to express that how smart gadgets change my life so let's begin , After I get back from school I take the television remote in my hand and start watching Doraemon this because I love the episode of that the best part which I like is how Doraemon change a simple house into a smart house . After some days I got to know that the founder of Facebook  change their house into a smart house with the help of AI( artificial intelligence ) I really never expect that can this type of thing became true . After I passed 9th standard my mother gifted me a Google home . Day by day I start loving that because smart gadgets are better than a true friend because a true friend need rest …

#TheBlindList - What Happened When I See The Streets Of India For The First Time

Before I start this post I wanted to tell something to you guys that in this post I going to share my experience , thought and many more when I saw the  streets of India for the first time in my life and I got the invitation from world for a blind  date and yes I have many wishes and dreams but that bucket list can be fullfill at another day . This is the picture of a small girl who is busy in selling Indian flags . When I saw this type of work for the first time I just began to think that can this type of work by little girl can show our love for India (Bharat Maa ) . And this is the first surprise in my blind date with the world . This work  not only force me to think the condition of child but also to think the future of India . We all love India but not in this way . After I saw this my heart just began to said that "stop this".
When I saw this girl who is busy in selling toys for the first time I just began to thought that then why our government said that the women ha…

True Story Of Blind Date | 50 Years Back

This story is trace back to 50 years when one young engineer , posted at costal belt, who dare  to date a girl of nearby village . That man have many bucket list but they always prefer blind list because they thought that it makes the excitement double . Journey started from a rural village Chaumuhani to Satapada , around 200km by a Royal Enfiled bullet . And they both  don't have any idea about that place where they are going because at that time their is no Google map or anything else and both of them don't know the truth that world invited them for this date but they both dare to say yes to this type of blind date with out any goosebumps after reaching at Satapada they started another journey by a boat across Chilika Lake to arrived their blind date place that was a tiny island named Rajhans Dipa (Swan Island ) while traveling by boat they found dolphins and feed them . They were also amazed by seeing many more migrating birds around the Chilika Lake . After passing 200km …