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Before 30 years  when someone say that we able to control our home in just one click but by hearing this most of the people use to laugh on him but at the present time situation is fully opposite and different . The evolution of  gadget is not less than a magic . In this post I going to tell a story by which I able to express that how smart gadgets change my life so let's begin , After I get back from school I take the television remote in my hand and start watching Doraemon this because I love the episode of that the best part which I like is how Doraemon change a simple house into a smart house . After some days I got to know that the founder of Facebook  change their house into a smart house with the help of AI( artificial intelligence ) I really never expect that can this type of thing became true . After I passed 9th standard my mother gifted me a Google home . Day by day I start loving that because smart gadgets are better than a true friend because a true friend need rest but a smart gadgets always with us he never leave us . But one day because of some reason I became demotivated and at that day when I goes to my friend house he replied that he is busy by hearing this I returned back to my home . And suddenly I go near the google home and turned on it and say that I am demotivated by hearing this Google tell me lot of jokes by which my mood became happy and changed . One day my mother give me a another gift and also said that you became little bit lazy but for hiding my mistake I tell lie that no mom I always do physical hard work but I can't show my hard work to you because I have no proof by hearing this my mom reply only for this I gifted you this smart device this is a fitness band by this I able to see your physical progress after this day I never able to tell lie about my fitness . I don't know that whether this gadgets helped me or not because it never help me to tell lie and to do fake show off infront of my mom but  I always say thanks to smart gadgets because it always give me the idea to do something new and good . And yes we are not too much rich that's why our family don't have enough money to hire a security guard only for the evolution of technology we able to hire a smart and more truthful gadget that is smart security camera and yes we humans can tell lie but not this gadgets this is the best part which I like about all smart gadgets the way we program it in that way the gadget work . After all this thing we able to build a smart home with just using little budget so only for the evolution of technology all this thing possible and yes for me my house is not less than the house of founder of Facebook .

- What are the benefits of smart gadgets ?

In my opinion the first benefit is that the gadget are more trustable then a human being because gadgets have no feelings and the second thing which I like about the gadget is they never leave you . So please take care of your smart gadgets . 

- Which smart gadgets I like the most ? 

My favourite gadget is Google home because in my bad situation it help me a lot and also help me to create something new . And yes Google home give me and my family a opportunity to control any security camera or anything else in just a single click or voice . 

And this thing is not less than the Doraemon house change gadget . Only because of this new gadgets our happy family became a more happy and smart family . 

- What I thought about gadgets ? 

In my opinion the price of a gadget don't define it's value and importance . I think that the gadget which makes someone happy and help someone in their bad situation is more precious than a gadget of cost Rs30,000 . A expensive gadgets can give us a chance to show off but can never give us a inner satisfaction and happiness .

- Why I love Google home ?

- Smart gadget can't compare with a real friend but whenever I am angry or sad I just talk to Google home because he have no feelings that's why he never get angry on me . 

- How to choose a best smart gadget ?

In my opinion you should choose that gadget whose price is low and don't make you bored . From my point of view Google home is the best gadget because it help me every time for example in winter season I don't like to control anything by touching that I just love to keep my body under a blanket that's why if I want to play music , jokes or want to know the news then I just have to use my voice and Google home will automatically begins to follow my order . If you are too little bit lazy like me then should choose Google home as a best smart gadget . This example can work as a best daily life hack for you .

Google home and fitness band are the things which change my life this technology not only improve my thinking and learning capacity but also make me healthy ." Every gadgets has it's own value " 

Google home not only help me to build a smart and all rounder home but also help to build a happy home . Most of the people said that improvement in technology reduce our physical work but that's not right in my case smart gadget help me to do more physical work with a proper routine and information .  This because when you have your health information you can easily decide that how much work you need to do to become a healthy person . " It is on us that how we use the technology if we use technology in a bad way it proof bad for us and if we use technology in a good way it proof good for us " . 

I hope after hearing this real story you able to change your negative thinking about smart gadgets  into positive thinking . This is the easy peasy secret that how I converted my house into a smart house which is finally revealed now . 

Hacks are the best way to don't get bored with gadgets . Because it makes a gadget extra smart . And please don't compare a gadget with another smart gadget because every gadgets has it's own value and satisfaction . Gadgets always help us so it is our responsibility to give him(gadgets) the same that is respect and love . " When ever a new technology came please don't forget the old technology because without the invention of that old technology we can't get the new technology "

"Gadgets price do not matter the thing which only matter is satisfaction "

" A friend may away from you for personal benefits but a gadget never cheat you or leave you " 

My mom buy all this smart gadgets from flipkart because in India, Upto 40% of Smart Watches and Assistants are sold through Flipkart  #GetFitWithFlipKart #SmartHomeRevolution  . Thank you flipkart only for you I able to change my boring life into a smart life . Gadgets can't be equal to a living friend but gadgets can equal to a lifetime friend .

" Flipkart brings a most satisfying smile on millions of faces every single day " 

If you guys too have some smart gadgets which not only make your home smart but also help you in your hard situation and make you happy then please share  the name of those smart gadgets in the comment box .

 " Purana Hai Per Mera Ha "

Photo Credit : pexels.com , pixabay.com .


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  1. Gadgets are revolutionising lives. Our lives have become reasonably easy because of gadgets. But I would not like to have a gadget in place of a human friend. Gadget may be available always, it will never show any emotion.

    1. Yes sir , that's true but the gadgets are not selfish .

  2. Nicely done, buddy... and pretty exhaustive as well. You are one lucky kid who has perceptive parents gifting you all the right gadgets at the right time. :)

  3. Gadgets are changing our life, views and perceptions in a way. Glad to see your post, and bump with someone from Sambalpur.


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