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"Success come to those who dares and act and failure goes to timid who afraid of consequences" .

At this  time   the level of competition has been increase a lot because of growing in population . For only this reason the rate of unemployment increase day by day . But those people who are enough confident that he or she can overcome any obstacles in life only those personalities get a chance to turn their lifestyle into a luxurious lifestyle . Generally in India many people plan to go abroad for studies or work but at some stages of life people begin to thought that it is impossible but in my opinion it is impossible for those only who don't have a good and effective plan if one have a good plan then he can easily achieve success in less time . For this pearson begin a program by which one can easily prepare himself for work and study in abroad . In many cases it provide study materials for free by which a poor people too able to get a chance to study in abroad . Here pearson tries to prepare you for the upcoming obstacles in the plan for go to abroad such as if a person don't know about general and common thing like what are the things neccessary to have while travel to abroad such as visa application ,passport and many more . Pearson brought a complete course but it may be free or paid by which one can easily take a step forward to dream that is to go abroad for work or studies .In this course Pearson teach all common and advance knowledge required in work and study in abroad . For attending the exam of PTE you have to pay fee but Pearson provide you the exam sample paper for free .But this thing only possible when you became enough powerful to deal with the obstacles and hurdles of life . Pearson conduct this test because to develop the English  speaking and writing skill of student . PTE is a online English knowledge test .

Benefits of taking PTE Academic test are - 

 - Candidates can send their score to any universities .

- They anonunced the test result with in 5 days .

-They use advance bots for the correction of  test paper .

-Many children already attend the test .

-We can use the test score for show off  .

Many big universities and companies  trust in pearson . And PTE is accepted in many big and trusted universities such as Harvard Business School . 

*Confidence must require for success .

*It is hard to get everything in the world but not impossible .

I too like to read the books of Pearson . I want to share that lovely moment when I get the IIT preparation book of Pearson so after my Dad come back from office he gifted me a packet and when I unbox it I found 3 books of Physics , Chemistry and mathmatics of IIT foundation course of Pearson publications after that I ask my Dad a question that what is pearson he replied that it is a trusted and reputed publication for IIT and JEE preparation.

Why everyone want to go abroad ?

- The common reason for this is the companies which present in abroad offer high paid job and also many universities of abroad provide many facilities to student .

How to prepare for PTE examination?

- So the answer  is try to solve the sample paper which is given in pearson PTE website by this you can increase your confidence and also try to understand the basic grammar properly .And if you have a good amount of money then you too can buy the systematic PTE preparation course by which you can able to get perfect result in test . 

Here is the free sample paper of PTE - SAMPLE PAPER

Click here to buy the latest PTE test preparation  course .

#Every thing has it's own value.     


*success only come to those who  take a step forward to obstacles of life . 

Learning has no age bar .


*The more knowledge you gain the more opportunity you get .

*Go to this url - Pearson  for more information about Pearson PTE English exam . Pearson test centre located over 50 countries which is really a  good and great thing in my opinion because by this everybody get a chance to gain advance knowledge and also a luxurious lifestyle. The countries where pearson test centre present are Indonesia , Iraq , India , France and many more .


"always try to prepare for the worse ".

Video by Pearson - 

"Dream something big is easy but making that dream successful is hard but not impossible "

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