Lufthansa And PK - An Alien Friend

I remember that day when I was busy in watching PK and after the movie completed I plan to hear the song again but my favourite is 

"Bhagwan ha kahan re tu" 

But after hearing that song for sometime I suddenly sleeped and began to think about that if PK came to our city for a blind date then why not I too go to their city for a blind date with world and experience that unique moment . But when I open my eyes I found that I am traveling in an aeroplane and when I try to see the name of that aeroplane I found that the name is Lufthansa airlines and suddenly the aeroplane land by this my heart beat rate increase and I got goosebumps too because I have no idea that what may happen after some minutes and when I see outside of my window I found tall buildings and many unknown creatures but when the entry gate open I go to outside and I got nervous because many Aliens came near me and welcoming me to their secret city after some minutes a Alien come near me and say me welcome to 'Alina' city after this I asked him his name he replied that his name is Tom and he promised me that he helped me to see the Alien city and how they live their life and after seeing many places I decided to see their UFO and yes after I saw that I began to love that but one thing I found common in all Aliens that they are laborious and they have no emotions and feelings but they have unity and they never hurt one another after some minutes Tom came near me and also asked me that I like their city or not after hearing this I replied that yes I like their city after hearing this Tom said me goodbye after this I suddenly wake up and again I found everything is normal and I am in my room . After this I able to get the answers of my questions that is :

Why we should respect Alien ?

- We should respect Alien because they have unity and they never hurt one another .  Aliens have big heart filled with love , affection and many more .

Who is good Alien or Human ?

- Aliens are better than human being because before I meet this alien I thought humans are good  because human have feelings and they always understand the pain of someone but I am wrong we human use the feelings and emotion to hurt someone or for our own profit but Alien don't have feelings and emotions but they respect and trust at one another .

 What I learn from the movie PK?

- I learnt that before Amir Khan meet the human he don't know the meaning of lie but after he meet the human he able to learn how to tell lie for our own profit but PK teach us how to be happy every time .

Who are lucky Alien or Human ?

- In my opinion human are the most luckiest creature because we have feelings and emotions and this is a god gifted so we shouldn't use this in a wrong way . We have the power or sense to feel and understand truth , faith and love and this 3 thing is only present in heaven but if we  use this in a right way than that day is not too far when we found heaven in every person .

*"Life is for sometime so try to enjoy every moment with a yes" . 
* Thank you world for inviting me on a blind date . Only for you (world) I able to know the real difference between Alien and Human . And I also learnt many lessons from this . 
*I hope you too guys like this if yes then please comment below and I also like to say thanks to Lufthansa for giving me a chance to write about the topic #TheBlindList and after this trip I am always ready to #SayYesToTheWorld . 

"PK teach us how to become a good human but we(human) teach PK(Alien) how to tell lie".

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