#TheBlindList - The Dream Of A Child

There is no one who don't like to travel but their is few people only who like to add spice to their trip . I am a child that's why I don't know much about date but I heard about this many times from my elder that's why I too wanted to experience that . That's why I plan to go on a date with the world but not on a common date I plan to go on a blind date because date is always filled with excitement but blind date is full of excitement and it also help us to know the real value of date and it also increase the level of excitement . I have bucket list too but I always love blind list because it turn the excitement into double I mean it increases the level of excitement and force us to ask questions . When I wake up I found myself in a bed which is made up of sand and I able to smell the magical perfume present in air  but this place is really unknown to me that's why I plan to explore more because I am really very excited so I get up from my bed and just started  walking (generally in a date we have to understand our partner but in this case I have to understand both the place and my partner ) after walking a lot I get tired and I able to saw a pond which is filled with water after I drink that water I able to understand that water is not simple that water is magical and really I am very excited after taking many small steps I found that there was a tree and that tree attracted me towards her after spending many times with that tree I walk forward and when I look back I able to saw a  beautiful scenery and I also found that my footsteps got print on the sand after this I able to get the answer of my questions that are :- 

What I learn from this date ? 

- I learn that whenever we get something new experience we begins to love that . And I also able to learn the true value of nature if this thing get end then it is hard to describe the pain of that moment . Let thought when our environment got end and someone again able to get back that environment then it is hard to tell or describe their happiness . Blind date with world is all about love for environment and atmosphere . 

Why this thing is new for me ? 

- I just wanted to tell you guys that what happens when someone discover nature for the first time .  I just try to be that first  person who experience water , tree , sand , air for the first time . And I really love this date and thank you world for inviting me on such a awesome date where I get to experience many new thing . And I am always ready to say yes to the blind date with the world . Thank you mom for giving birth to me only for you I able to take experience and enjoy this valuable thing . 

Why this date is really special for me ? 

- This date is really special for me because this date is not only about asking questions to each other but also knowing the true value of each other .

Whenever we get a chance to  experience something we should close our eye and experience that  . After this moment I became enough confident that I am always ready to say yes to any blind date with the world . 

*Everyone already experience this nature and environment but I just try to experience it for the first time . I also wrote a poem for nature here is that :-

I don't know what happen when water end . I don't know what happen if air end . I don't know what happen if the land disappear . I don't know what happen if the beauty of earth end . The thing which I only know is what happen if this thing remain forever with us . 

*Only god knows that we get a life again or not so just try to enjoy every moment by saying yes to world . 
*This not matter that what places you are visiting the thing which only matter is what value you get or learn from that place .

* Thanks Lufthansa for giving me a chance to write about this wonderful topic that is blind date with the world . And if you guys too have any stories which you experience for the first time then please share that in the comment box .


"Look Deep Into Nature , And Then You Will Understand Everything Better ".

Disclaimer : Some images have been taken here  from open sources and credit goes to them( pixabay.com ) .


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