Lufthansa - Old To New

When I wake up I found myself in a village but that village looks like very old and yes I am not wrong because by mistakenly I came to the age of Britishers  because my time machine is not working properly and I know all this thing when I saw a calendar which is hang on the front wall I found the year mention there is 1920 and the name of that place is "Paradeep"   really I am very excited too and nervous too because I have no idea that what may happen after some minutes and suddenly someone call my name loudly "Ashu " come here and when I reach to outside of the home I found a old lady is calling me . When I go near her he order me to go to market and bring some vegetables after hearing this I replied ok and suddenly I saw a man coming towards me after he reach near me he said that 

"Sir the bullock cart is ready are you too ready " 

I replied yes ( obviously at that time their is no bikes or any  automatically run vehicle ) after that he ordered me to go and seat in the bullock cart after I seated at that he begins to run the bullock cart by beating the cows after some time I asked him that what is his name he replied "Majnu" sir  I replied ok then is this your part time or full time job he replied sir full time because this is the only vehicle in this village by which the people of this village can travel to a long distance I replied 


After this he replied me again that he is the only person who had a bullock cart that's why all of the people are dependent on her after talking a lot I reached to the market after shopping we again back to home . After some time our neighbours buy a car and when "Majnu" saw this he begins to laugh on them and said that this type of technology or invention can't do the competition with bullock cart . After some days people stop using bullock cart and when Majnu visit his neighbours house ,  they replied him that it is not only money but time factor as car takes less time to travel to destination and provide more comfort than bullock cart . But the people are not in a mood to accept his request  than Majnu went to his home and started to cry near his bullock Kalu and Sonu although they are animals they have feelings and they too started crying with him . Slowly income of Majnu reduce . He failed to feed his animals . Due to lack of food  his animals become sick . And in a few months both Kalu and Sonu died . After a few days Majnu also died by remembering his animals , then the villagers said "Ahha" ( sympathy) Majnu died .

*What I learn from this blind date with the world ?
- From this date I able to learn many thing such as we should follow the new technology because by this only we able to survive in this modern age .
-When you have money or wealth all are with you and when you are in bad days all will left you , that is human tendency . 

*Majnu is wrong or right ?
- In my opinion "Majnu" is wrong because he died because of her own mistakes only. If he don't underestimate the new technology then at this time he can able to live a good life .

*What I thought about Lufthansa ?
- Lufthansa is only able to survive in this modern age because day by day Lufthansa give their best to develop the transportation facilities that's why I salute to Lufthansa .

* This is not the mistake of money it is the mistake of time because time change everything .
* I love bucket list but after seeing this moment I always prefer the blind list .
*Thank you world for inviting me on such a awesome date because I really don't have any idea that what may happen to"Majnu" in some days . I really learn a lot of things by this date . And yes when I heard the word Lufthansa I found that the word is the mixture of German and Indian lovely combination .

* After this date I am ready to say yes to every blind date with the world. I hope all of you guys like my story of my date with the world and if you too have some awesome stories then please share that story in the comment box . I already say yes to blind date can you say yes ?


Disclaimer : Some image have been taken here from open sources and credit goes to them( ) .

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